Gabriel D Vine

It all happened under a full moon in the California desert. Gabriel D Vine had just returned to his native Los Angeles from a jaunt in Vienna, Austria studying classical music. Now he and some close friends braved the remote dirt roads to another notorious outdoor rave. But something clicked in him this night. Dancing on a dry lakebed at midnight, the audience, the DJ, the music, the mountains -- all were one. Gabriel spent the next few years creating and spinning electronic dance music.

Audiences around the world have been excited by Gabriel's explosive grooves and soaring melodies for over a decade. His groundbreaking work in the high-intensity jazz House duo Monkey Bars cemented his reputation as a producer's producer. This year he has come into his own as a confident solo artist.

Monkey Bars tracks have been charted and spun in far-flung regions of the globe: from New Zealand and Australia to San Francisco, New York City and Miami to Italy, Sweden, Estonia, Poland, and more. Their cuts (including remixes and work under various names on several labels) have been featured on countless dance compilation CDs and adverts. Songs from their 2004 album Food-Eating Food (Subliminal Records) are played on Pandora in the hundreds of thousands. Gabriel's performances as a DJ, vocalist and on keytar in the Monkey Bars live show have electrified audiences in the thousands.

Gabriel's solo project propels him from his dance music roots to the forefront of the electropop movement. His cutting-edge productions have been compared to breakthrough acts such as Passion Pit, Phoenix, Does It Offend You, Yeah?, Gotye, Cut Copy, and Miike Snow. Elements of classic songwriting craft as well as his jazz and classical background recall New Order, Björk, Peter Gabriel, and The Police.

Gabriel's live show features live electronics and instrumentation. On lead vocals and the outrageous electrolight keytar, Gabriel brings an infectious energy that audiences love to share.

Condensed Bio

Having made a name for himself in the high-intensity jazz House duo Monkey Bars (Subliminal Records), Gabriel D Vine's solo project propels him from his dance music, classical and jazz roots to the forefront of the electropop movement. His songs have been compared to Passion Pit, Phoenix, Cut Copy, and Peter Gabriel.

Artist Name Gabriel D Vine
Tagline Monkey Bars alum blazes solo trail in electropop scene
Style Electropop, Indie Rock, House. Like Passion Pit dipped in Phoenix with a sweet topping of John Coltrane and Bach
Sounds like Passion Pit, Phoenix, Does It Offend You, Yeah?, Gotye, Cut Copy, Miike Snow, New Order, Björk, Peter Gabriel, The Police
Where Hollywood, CA, USA
Since 2010
Selected Discography as Monkey Bars:

Food-Eating Food (Subliminal)**
"It's Over Now" (Subliminal)**
"Shuggie Love" (Subliminal)**
"Pass You By" (Subliminal)**
"You Be Want Some Fun" (Subliminal)**
Dark Chocolate EP (Clover Club)**
Yacht Party EP (Clover Club)**
Fowl Play EP (Clover Club)**
Cash Cow EP (Moonshine Red)

as Toof:

Enamel EP (D.U.V.)**
Toof vs. Ilnana (D.U.V.)**
The Toof EP (Aquarius)**

with Eric Davenport:

Turn Them F***ers Up! (Geisha House) Cross da Universe (Dust Traxx)


Rent Soundtrack: "Take Me or Leave Me" (Warner Bros.)
Rent Soundtrack: "Seasons of Love" (Warner Bros.)
Alanis Morissette: "Eight Easy Steps" (Maverick)*
Esthero: "O.G. Bitch": (Reprise/WEA)*
Lawrence Welk: "Baby Elephant Walk" (Vanguard)**
Smitty and Davenport: "Sandy Hot Pants" (Moonshine)**
Vantage Point: "Can't Get It Wrong" (Subliminal)**
Thick Dick: "Touch the Sky" (Subliminal)**
Cirrus: "You Are (Panacea)" (Moonshine)**
Roy Davis Jr.: "Live it Up" (Geisha House)**
Kaskade: "Steppin' Out" (OM Records)**

* with Smitty ** with Doron Orenstein
Performance Gabriel on vocals & keys/keytar, other musicians live.

Gabriel also shines on the decks as a DJ, swerving between House and Indie Dance with eclectic elements thrown in for good measure.

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